Our expertise

  • Energy Audits & Cost Reduction
  • Alternate Energy Solutions & Green Energy
  • Energy Efficiency & Storage Solutions
  • Energy Conservation, Awareness & end user Training.
  • Energy consulting services
  • Hybrid energy solutions – DG, Solar, Wind, Off grid , On grid and ESS

Since early 2015, Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission allows its customers to produce their own solar power and sell any excess back to the grid. This so-called ‘net metering’ allows customers to reduce their electricity bill to zero by producing up to 100% of their own electricity demand on an annual basis.

As a Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission-licensed solar contractor, IEC VENTURS offers all services required for a full turnkey solar installation, including:

  • Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission approvals
  • Engineering, procurement & construction (EPC)
  • Testing & commissioning
  • Operation & maintenance